The Retail Business Becomes Easier

The customers, who have trusted Microinvest Retail SolutionMicroinvest Warehouse Pro Light, can now benefit from a new more functional feature, integration with the electronic labels of the Swedish company Pricer. Prices and parameters of the goods, presented on the Pricer electronic labels update automatically according to any changes made in Microinvest Warehouse Pro. The solution influences and increases the customer satisfaction by offering comprehensive services – better stock management, less errors and better internal organization.

The two-way data exchange between Microinvest Warehouse Pro and electronic labels Pricer, is performed by the application Microinvest Utility Center, which allows you automatically to generate special discounts and promotional offers for a certain period of time with the touch of a few buttons. And you can be sure that they are displayed on the labels of the products or groups of products. Customers will be impressed with the new and modern services. In addition they will receive accurate and detailed information and thus make more easy purchase decision.

The electronic shelf labeling solution helps you to save time with automatic price updates. It’s more cost-efficient than paper, and improves your customers’ experience with accurate, reliable pricing.

Pricer Elrctronic Labels




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