The New Business Social Network

In the beginning of April 2013, Microinvest launched the most successful business network in Bulgaria and Russia for all its clients in Africa, Middle East and Europe as well –!

The business network

Before we have a look at the project, we would like to present some statistics about the two analogues in Bulgarian language ( and Russian ( The table belows describes the active Microinvest partners and the number of the described implementations.



Number of Users

Number of Publications




Europe and Asia



The company expectations are these numbers to be doubled in the next six months and to become the biggest free, light and secure way each smaller company to improve its level of SEO and therefore to be listed on first page in Google.

What are the benefits for you of publishing clients on

  • You will have a free on-line portfolio with your company contacts and link to your web site.
  • Your details will be easily founded in Google when clients from your region search a software solution for their business. They may love exactly the approach you presented.
  • The information for your company and contacts will be on a website, which is optimized for the search engines using keywords for your business.
  • Free advertisement for your company and activity, with an opportunity to add photos from the office and/or a business logo.
  • A new channel for communication with existing and potential clients.
  • A team of marketing and IT specialists, who are carrying about the development of the site.

? We add another reason for you to take part in this project organizing many surprises during each step of the registration and publication of projects. The partner with the biggest number of published clients on, will get a special award. The web site automatically reports the number of published clients by every registered user, which will make the winner absolutely transparent and you will be able to monitor the temporary results. The partner with the most uploaded clients till 30th of April 2013 on  will win a brand new camera with lots of extras!

Join us!

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