The future the way we image it to be – part II

Who can work for you 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day?

We work 8 or 10 hours a day and get tired. But computers can work 24 hours a day, every day of the year. So here is our goal – give them tasks, that will work in our favor and will bring us benefits. Now image an employee that walks around all day with a big advertising board and introduces himself to every random street passer. How long will it take for him to get tired? And how many people could possibly have seen him? We are back to square, let us make the computers work for us 365/24/7. Therefore it is really important that we create a corporate web site that should contain the most precise information about our products and services. And instead of an employee that will get tired in 8 hours, the computer will work day and night and will present information on us to 7 000 000 000 potential readers! Now, the second task before us is to promote this web site so that it is interesting and many people will find it? That is a matter of the marketing experts and has its own simple solution. We need a lot of backlinks, advertising in social networks and much base support with a passive development. The bottom line is very simple – we spend 15 minutes on the site every day, and it advertises for us 24 hours a day. Still not convinced? Remember Google, Apple, Facebook or  Yandex! Even if we are not as popular as they are, more and more people work with mobile devices, have an instant and fast Internet connection and are constantly searching. And in order to find us, we should publish information in an accessible form. Even a beautiful woman requires an appropriate makeup, in order to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by all. That is our goal – make people find us easy to come to us. The conclusion is simple, the future is bond to the Internet and we have a choice – either be part of it or just watch from aside (sobbing quietly) while others are doing well. The bottom line is the following – an initial investment for creating a site, then minimal maintenance for 15 minutes a day and what we get are excellent results. If you have a site and publish it on, this site may redirect clients to your site. So there you have it – everything is connected. To make the process simpler, Microinvest offers a template website to partners, everything is already done. You need only to send us your personal details.

SEO, can you do it? Or should we do it together? 

Imagine a well arranged outlet. Usually models are dressed in the most attractive clothes, standing next to them are the high-heeled shoes. It’s stylish and well organized. Exactly that is the SEO optimization of yours website. The future is about a beautiful arrangement of the information, shinning out the content and optimization for the visitors. And if you put it in the form of technical terms, SEO optimization is the process of rearranging information in a form convenient for visitors and search engines. The final goal is to be easily found, to be more beautiful and convenient. Because customers appreciate it on subconscious level. Sometimes it is done quite easily – add a few appropriate words and change the description of the content a bit. The other way is complicated – a lot of processing or even an overall change of the site is needed. The question in hand is the following – how important is the SEO optimization? And the answer is simple, it can be found in the behavior of each user: “How often do you remember the name of the site and how often you’ve searched for it with a search engine?” Almost 100% of visits to websites come from search engines and links; therefore it is extremely important to do a complete SEO optimization. And let’s do it together, our sites are highly SEO optimized, we know how! All it is required is to contact us and you will receive quality information for the process. How, when, with what technology and exact steps. And everyday postponing of this task is to make it easy on your competitors, they are not strong, simply we do not perform at the proper level. The future is highly optimized websites.

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