Digital Board – extension for Microinvest eMenu Pro

On December 15th a new function of Microinvest eMenu Pro launches – Digital Board.

Digital Boards are big screens, which you have certainly seen over cashier’s stands in Fast-Food Restaurants. They continuously broadcast advertisings or information on goods, which are directed to clients. Often on such screens Daily Menus, goods, promotions, etc., are displayed.

Digital Board represents an additional way to attract clients and to advertise your business.

Key features of Digital Board:

  • Simultaneous, parallel presentation (for example, presentation for Business-lunch, presentation for a certain item, promotions, etc.).
  • An ability to make 5 different presentations and launch them on 5 displays, as each presentation has its own web-address.
  • Stand-alone submission of information.
  • Changing the price of a product in the main program will result in an automatic change of the price in the presentation. However, changing the price of the product in the process of editing the presentations will not lead to a change in the price in the main program.
  • Simple installations, taking into account the needs and wishes of the client.
  • Digital Board from Microinvest isn’t a separate product, which requires payment. It is a FREE function for Microinvest eMenu Pro users. We went away from Eastern European countries’ practice, where such programs are available as stand-alone products and their prices are up to 10 000 Euro, with subsequent changes and revises that cost as much as a new car.
  • Product looks like a presentation. The client only chooses a template, effects and the information he wants to upload.
  • Multi-purpose usage. If you launch Digital Board on a tablet – the application will work as Microinvest eMenu Pro. If you launch it on a big screen – you have an advertisement over the cash-desk ready to go. Also, the presentation can be launched in the form of a web site. Everything is in your hands!
  • Simple, flexible kind of connection – benefits of Digital Board for a faster selling of products.

Microinvest eMenu Pro is constantly evolving. This means that the quantity of templates and colors in Digital Board will increase. Having acquired some experience, you can independently place pictures in the presentations and alter the locations of the screens.

From now on you have a free tool for powerful advertising, so use it!

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