Advanced Customer Services – More Satisfied Clients With Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light

Measure Customer SatisfactionMeasure the satisfaction! Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors for the success of any business. Satisfaction measurement is important. The professional and regular evaluation of clients’ opinion and their recommendations allow every shop or restaurant to improve its performance and image by directing resources to improve or modify the processes that really need it.
Following the latest trends, Microinvest offers advanced system for evaluating customers satisfaction. This is a solution which is integrated in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. It automates the process of creating and printing short questionnaire for customer satisfaction, using different approaches to examine it. It looks like the check with the table bill and it is printed right after it.  This enables any business to use new marketing tool for additional optimization, combining it with new technologies and modern management. The functionality does not require any additional investments or expensive equipment. It is enough to have fiscal or POS printer and individual adjustment of the standard software (Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light).
Through scripting system for creating and managing bills in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light is formed unique questionnaire. Every client is invited to express his opinion about the food, the staff, the atmosphere, the service.

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