2017 Facts & Figures

Here, in Sofia, the last days of 2017 are sunny and warm. And it is time for a celebration and festive holiday. But what was the year like for Microinvest? A lot of new features and functionalities in our products, some brand new solutions, a number of happy partners and clietns…

So,let’s try to go together through the tech recapitulation for 2017. We know it is a long list – and it is all because of the bright stars hidden within the IT team of the company who are always ready to listen carefully, to quickly adapt to changes, to reach new peaks…Here it is the overview:

Microinvest Warehouse Pro

  • Options for creating operations: no zero quantities,  e-mail notifications
  • A set of documents in A5 format and 80mm
  • Documents with pictures
  • An option to send documents and reports via e-mail
  • A brand new “Point of sale” module integrated in the back office
  • Input control operation
  • A prohibition of entering a fraction number for a unit such as pcs / package / carton / package / package / box
  • Option to select a lot with the F4 key under the  “Custom” regime of work
  • Extended Delivery and Stock-taking optimization
  • Optimization of user locking by location
  • Locator optimization
  • Period deletion optimization
  • Home screen optimization
  • Large reports export  to Excel optimization
  • Optimization and upload of Crystal Reports information and documents
  • Update of reports and documents
  • Complete VAT taxation feature for countries where taxation is required

Microinvest Warehouser Pro Light

  • Additional countries have been added, revision of different language options
  • A new functionality for creating and editing a local database using the Ultra Light feature. Now front office can work as a standalone application with limited functionalities.
  • A link to Microinvest Hotel Pro
  • An option for recognizing client cards with two or more prefixes
  • NEW! An option  to work with Microinvest Smart Printer
  • An option to change the TouchPad view for selecting an item in a location
  • A card payment via terminal function
  • Auto customization of the visual style according to the Windows version when starting the program for a first time
  • Encrypting the database connection settings in the configuration file
  • Updating scripts for cash notes
  • Optimization of progress in operation recording

Microinvest Barcode Printer Pro

  • An option to generate and print pricing barcodes
  • An option to create a new base
  • Support of scripts and math operations
  • Revision of different translations
  • A new button to save a template in the label creation window
  • Option to set the color of the text
  • Auto creation of an Excel import file
  • Universal barcode component option
  • Print preview option
  • Template barcode generation

Microinvest Utility Center – update of the current modules and adding new ones

New! For Android OS – Microinvest Smart Reports

New! For Android OS – Microinvest Axis Cloud

New! The best cloud platform  www.micro.bg!

Microinvest Hotel Pro – a brand new hospitality product. NB! Expect it in January 2018 in English.


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