And The Winner Is…!?

The partner with the biggest number of published implementations on till 30th of April 2013 is Office Savvy. This is a company registered in Kenya and run by young entrepreneurs with very strong IT backgrounds. The company was founded in 2007 with the aim of offering affordable software solutions within the African market.

This is the result in Google and everyone can become closer to its clients using

The results

The prize will be awarder to Mr. David Kitavi by the General Manager of Microinvest. Expect soon more pictures.

Thank you guys!

The future the way we imagine it to be – part III

A store without employees. Even without a retail area!

Online shopping is gearing up. Through Internet you can place an order via phone or even via car. However, newer and more vanguard technologies and ideas appear all the time. The types of ideas, that help the ordinary user order products while following his daily routine. Imagine a shop without shelves, everything replaced by pretty pictures. No computers, no support. Pictures with unique QR codes are all that is necessary. Instead of collecting items, the clients scan the code with their mobile phone. This code automatically recognizes the good and adds it to our basket. That way we can shop while we are on the subway, on a bus stop, etc. Afterwards the order is sent via courier to the address of your phone. The idea may sound vanguard, but it has already been realized worldwide. Soon, the newest version of Microinvest  eCommerce will come out and it will have the same purpose – QR code scanning and adding the item to your order.

The technical side of SQL Servers

Newer systems require new knowledge about different aspects of the systems. That is why the question of the technical side of SQL servers is extremely relevant. And while their internal working model is not particularly interesting for the standard technical partner, the SQL Server’s performance is of strategic importance when building the entire system. In order to help all of Microinvest’s partners, our specialists made a detailed research and comparison of several separate servers, using different loads, numbers of goods and operations, different amounts of RAM and other variables. The entire research has been processed and the results – summarized and uploaded to our website. If you are a technical partner of Microinvest, spare 10 minutes of your time and take a look at the created table. That will help you understand the servers performance and make the task of finding the most suitable SQL server easier. The choice will no longer depend on the specialist’s mood, but rather on facts, charts, diagrams and comparisons. The table contains an analysis of MySQL, the full and express versions of MSSQL 2005, MSSQL 2008 and MSSQL 2012. Take a look at the table and you will find detailed information on the performance on each of the above systems.

Microinvest presents the first update of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone

Microinvest presents the first updated of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone – version 3.07.002, which will be officially published on our corporate web site in the next few days:

The newest and unique application for Windows Phone is developed especially for the retail business in order to automate all processes connected with the distribution of goods.  Using Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone just with one click the user can make operations like sales, orders, refunds, payments. The application combines the rich functionality of big inventory system with the simplicity of Windows® Phone. It is FREE of charge and can be downloaded on every device with Windows Phone operating system.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone can be used by operators in different warehouses, manufacturing companies, shops, restaurants. It guarantees fast deliveries and high quality service to every customer. With Microinvest Warehouse Pro Phone every operator can make sales, safe payments, issuing invoices or stock receipts. The application allows the user to track and plan the items on stock, to receive information for his clients and suppliers.

The design is very simple, clear and follows the simplicity of Windows Phone interface, allowing each user just with few clicks to make a sale, print document and exchange the information with the headquarter.