The future the way we imagine it to be!

A vast usage of the mobile technologies
Today’s world is dynamic and interesting. One of its most compelling features is the possibility to travel, to work, to control and manage remotely. Naturally, this has its base – mobile devices and universal Internet connectivity. The world is evolving and consumers rely on connectivity anywhere, anytime. Can you imagine today’s world without cell phones or Internet for even five minutes? Would you write a postcard, letter or telegram? No and most probably you have never done that. That is why the future is bond to mobile technology, usage of small and convenient devices and universal connectivity. More and more tasks will require mobile devices and they are going to take over the world. For that reason Microinvest works in that direction. We constantly develop new techniques and software in this area. We strongly believe that Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone will be an important part of the future. Unlike Android, these systems have an underlying business component, which puts them in the future business, assisting the users. We will leave the Androids and iPhones to the models and sports people (for images, videos, etc.) and will focus on the business users (graphs, reports, documents and analyzes) and the most appropriate for this system – Windows Phone.

The many faces of Microinvest eMenu Pro

Just an ordinary day and an extraordinary idea! This was the beginning of Microinvest eMenu Pro. The product’s excellent implementation as a modern instrument for both waiters and clients followed shortly. But what else can we expect from this product? For all of the beginners we will present and summarize it’s functionality.

1. Electronic menu in the waiter’s hands, which is used for remote orders in restaurants and cafes.

2. Electronic menu on the clients’ table, which is used for remote orders in restaurants and cafes without the need of a waiter. The client orders by himself.

3. An instrument for retailers in the trade hall, mobile retailers, who follow the client everywhere and prepare the order together. Irreplaceable for large halls.

4. As a variation of Microinvest Digital Board, Microinvest eMenu Pro is an excellent choice for creating a vivid and dynamic environment in a restaurant and showing the dishes on large screens.

Microinvest Digital Board can be incorporated into a website in order to promote the products. Prices, promotions and other details are updated automatically. The settings are the same as in a local network, as long as the URL address of the presentation is published online. And now for the news – Microinvest eMenu Pro has become an instrument for graphical analysis and remote control. A new variety, called Micrionvest Statistics, visualizes over 30 graphical references  for mobile phones and tablets and is a part of Microinvest eMenu Pro’s main package!